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Welcome to our Photo Gallery.  Let's talk about Minimally Invasive Dentistry. We Have some two dozen ways to restore or replace a tooth. What we have seen in dentistry recently is an alarming trend to place a "crown" or "veneer" on anything that will standstill. This includes some very invasive procedures to replace a missing edge on a tooth. We have missing edges that we replaced with properly done bondings more than two decades ago still in service.

There is a lot of pressure on dentists to invest in the CERAC technology, a $100,000 machine that can create some very beautiful and closely fitting crowns. However, if the only tool in your toolbox is a hammer, then everything looks like a nail. We have seen several patients recently who were under pressure, in my opinion, to help their dentist make the $2000/month payment on the Dentist's CERAC machine, so, buyer beware.

In our practice, we cannot afford a CERAC machine because we do crowns and more conservative bondings according to what we believe is the best restoration for that particular patient's situation. Since we do more than a dozen types of crowns, It is not unusual for us to have several different types of crowns in one mouth. Because we do several different types of crowns, we cannot afford the payment on the two or so crowns that would qualify for the CERAC technology each month.

However, when it comes to all porcelain technology, we feel strongly that the CERAC technology is now mostly obsolete anyway. There are now crown cores that are extremely hard that virtually eliminate the fracturing problems we had years ago with all ceramic crowns. The Aluminum Oxide crown bases are just one level under diamond in terms of hardness, and they make a beautiful foundation for porcelain overlays.

If you would like a second opinion, our policy has always been that second opinions are free. We just need a good set of X-Rays to work from. (If you do not have X-rays, there will be a fee for our taking x-Rays.) I do not want to know what the other guy thinks or recommends, and I will give you a well thought out and honest opinion based on what we believe is in your best interest.

Please enjoy some of our amazing smile transformations.

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