COVID-19 I was right in 2020

In 2020, I added the usual COVID 19 blurb which you can read below. As we advanced into the pandemic, by March it became apparent that only those of us over 60 or so or with pre-existing conditions were at serious risk. Taking a scientific approach, this initiated my writing a Letter to the Editor of the local newspapers. I was met with dismay by members of my family. 

In those most dreaded of words, I was right. Read for yourself. This is Letter-to-the-Editor, March 2020.

2020_03-24 Enough Victoria Advocate.pdf

 I followed this up with another devastating "I was right". And in true form of today's "Cancel Culture" and suppression of freedom of speech, NONE of the editors would publish this editorial. I assume because it doesn't meet their narrative(s).  

 2022_01-19 COVID Mandates.pdf

I will note that as of 8/18/2022, The FDA and CDC have both admitted that they got it wrong. Read my letter to the editor, 2020_03-24 Enough Victoria Advocate.pdf All America and the rest of the world needed was a good dentist.


We applied for the PPP loan, and with spare time on my hands, I initiated an effort to make my office the safest and cleanest environment at least in the State of Texas. Among our nine staff members, we have not had one single case of COVID that coincided with an incubation time related to our practice hours. Meanwhile, I know of several practices where most or the entire staff came down with COVID. I shared my innovations and protocols widely, and not a single dentist followed suit. 

 Again, if you are looking for a practice with the health and welfare of the patient foremost, look no further. In this PowerPoint, here's what to look for in a clean office environment:

2020_03-11 Clean Office Environment.pdf

As another indictment of organized dentistry, I did share what I had accomplished with both the ADA and the Texas Dental Association. Even though both had collaborated in issuing guidelines and I exceeded those guidelines I was almost completely ignored. Also, I had presented a low-cost solution to the recommendation for chairside filtration with my 'Negative Air Pressure Machine", which was completely ignored. Chairside filtration met the greatest resistance among dentists.  I think this would have been a good article for the ADA and TDA journals. Currently, a good follow-up article asking the ADA and the TDA why they ignored logical solutions to the dilemmas they were trying to remedy is indeeed appropriate and timely. 

On another note, I had patented the ONLY FDA CLEARED AND PATENTED DENTAL UNIT coinciding with a request from the ADA to solve the problem of contaminated water that is the norm in dental offices. Again, it was completely ignored by the American Dental Association. Neither the ADA nor the majority of dentists care .

Without one trace of cynicism, what the world is up against is entrenched bureaucracy and the need to maintain the status quo while accumulating as much power as possible.  Nothing changes unless the plaintiff's attorneys smell blood and force change on whatever industry they target. In my opinion, dentistry is ripe for the picking. 


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