Marijuana Gun Control

In this amazing journey through life, I have had the privilege of watching many, many changes as time progresses, some good, some bad. Some of those changes had to do with living in an era of changing attitudes regarding drugs. As a scientist, I am free to question anything, particularly when patterns begin to develop. One of the unexplained patterns that cannot be ignored is the increase in Autism and the decrease in male testosterone. Something within our environment is altering minds and decreasing masculinity. I knew many of the fighting soldiers of the Greatest Generation. Can one imagine fighting at Okinawa with a bunch of dope heads? Until we figure out what is happening it is entirely too risky to toy with or legalize a poorly understood psychotropic drug that affects mental acuity for thirty days after ingestion.

Read the position paper: 2021_05-30 Gun Control 1.pdf 

Schizophrenia 2022_16-28 Cannabis Schizophrenia.pdf

How much Dope do I Smoke to Be Woke?2023_06-30 Smoke and Woke.pdf

 Now we reap the benefits of being asleep at the wheel while our youth are rendered psychotic by psychotropic drugs. 2023_10-28 Dope Smoking Millenials.pdf