Mission Trips, Belize

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Our Belize Mission Trips: The Texas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies is one of the oldest hands-on course providers in dentistry. Through the leadership of director J Tim Rainey, D.D.S, TIADS has been the leading pioneer in Minimally Invasive Preventive Dentistry™. Our trips into Belize, which have been focused on EarlyDignosis/Early Intervention MIPD™, will revolutionize operative dentistry. We have now treated over 400 preteen adolescents in Belize, and have examined over 100 on one-year recall.

The results of this peer reviewed technology has been spectacular, with very little decay in previously treated teeth or newly erupted teeth, compared to the standard 50% failure rate of tra

ditional resin based “Sealants”. This hands-on opportunity provides complete immersion in technology under the guidance of an experienced Mentor, an atmosphere that will assure success in implementing this technology when the practitioner returns to the office on Monday morning with the unit he/she used in Belize. You will also leave with the satisfaction of knowing that YOU have provided a service that your patients simply could not have received otherwise, technology that will provide a lifetime of benefits for those whom you have touched.

Following a protocol put in action thirty years ago, we are excavating with an air abrader, (and, if very deep, using an antibiotic, a steroid, and a calcium phosphate remineralizer) and restoring with your glass ionomer.  We have lectures from a mentor explaining why this works and PowerPoint’s of teeth restored decades ago that are thriving.  We saw cases where primary teeth, which would heretofore have been treated with a root canal and a stainless steel crown, and at times, sedation, invasive procedures that we avoided.  Since local anesthesia is not used, the children are much more accepting of treatment.

During our May, 2013 dental mission to Belize, we treated 250 children.  Using Glass Ionomer cements, we restored approximately 2500 teeth during the week we were there.  The Belizean government is keeping records on these patients, including which teeth were treated, and we will have long term studies in years to come. The Belizean government wants us there and we are providing lifelong benefits for these patients. 

This course is for dentists, hygienists, and expanded duty assistants, and practices dedicated to stewardship and future health of their patients. This technology can easily eliminate as much as 80% of all future dentistry in the patients who grow up under the care of a practice dedicated to the principles of ED/EI MIPD as taught in this course.

Your practice will also be listed as one of the few offices offering this service, the most effective practice builder available in dentistry today. The results in practice building have far surpassed anything dentistry currently has to offer. Your expanded duty personnel will learn how to add significantly to your practice.

In this course you will learn the techniques and applications of

Early Diagnosis/Early Intervention Minimally Invasive Preventive Dentistry™